In an unventilated room, 2 commercial portable air cleaners with HEPA filters and a do-it-yourself box fan air cleaner with MERV-13 filters significantly reduced aerosolized bacteriophage MS2.

Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes can produce extremely low particle counts, whether new or used filters are in place. Air Flow is important, and MERV 13 seems to be just right for capture. The results of using two box filters can result in clean-room level clean air.

Staying for 2 h in a closed room with a highly infective person, we estimate that the inhaled dose is reduced by a factor of six when using air purifiers with a total air exchange rate of 5.7 h.

What can you build with duct tape, air filters, and a box fan?

This might sound like the set up for a dad joke, but according to new insights from 3M, the answer is less of a punchline and more a breath of fresh air.

Our results demonstrate that our Corsi-Rosenthal air cleaner efficiently reduces suspended particle concentrations in indoor environments.

A study from researchers at Brown University and Silent Spring Institute found that inexpensive, easy-to-assemble Corsi-Rosenthal boxes can help reduce exposure to indoor air pollutants.

This study found that:

This study has shown that DIY air cleaners can be a cost-effective approach to reducing smoke concentrations.

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