As COVID cases surge and flu season approaches, Louie Gold demonstrates how to create a DIY air cleaner.

Dr. Milton’s PHABlab set up a booth where students, alumni, and community members built their own Corsi-Rosenthal boxes at UMD’s Maryland Day

Parents call for better air quality in schools

“We would not accept drinking water that is full of pathogens and looks dirty, but we’ve been living with air that is full of pathogens and dirty.”

ASU volunteers builds air filter boxes, which are donated to K–12 schools to help fight COVID-19.

Lots of parents, teachers and students have found themselves recently with a timely project: making homemade air filters for classrooms and school spaces to help protect from the spread of COVID-19.

Students from the School of Nursing and Medicine assembled 100 CRBoxes

Made from everyday items found in hardware stores, the Corsi-Rosenthal box is a testament to the power of grassroots innovation.

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