Our mission is to improve human health by promoting clean indoor air and supplying air purifiers to those in need

Sammie McFarland

Sammie is an accomplished, experienced  professional in women's health and well-being, which inspired her to establish her own business.

Despite facing adversity in 2020 when she and her daughter developed debilitating Long Covid, she founded Long Covid Kids to provide recognition, support, and recovery for children and young people affected by the condition.

Sammie's leadership and advocacy have been instrumental in raising awareness of Long Covid in children. Throughout the pandemic, Sammie has worked closely with key organisations, policymakers, and parliamentarians to provide an emerging overview of paediatric lived experience

She is a member of international and national expert panels participating in the co-production of research and has authored several professional publications on Long Covid in children.

In recognition of her outstanding commitment to volunteering, the Royal Volunteering Service named Sammie a Coronation Champion in 2023.

Sammie believes every child deserves the opportunity to thrive and is committed to improving outcomes for children impacted by Covid infection.

Dr James Milligan

James is a Medical Doctor with Clinical and Research experience as well as completion of specialist training in Pharmaceutical Medicine. He has held senior positions across global organisations and interacted with senior figures in regulatory, governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Within the Pharmaceutical industry his career has been focused on research for new medicines and in particular understanding and preventing harm from possible side effects. He has worked closely with regulatory and academic organisations to support transparency and public understanding of medicines and vaccines.

James has contributed to multiple scientific publications and advisory groups, particularly in the fields of the safety of medicines, risk and communication. He is passionate about people, science, and teamwork in the pursuit of improved health outcomes.

The opportunity to support the charitable work of the CRF UK is the perfect alignment for James' skills, experience and passion.

John Muir

Before founding the Corsi-Rosenthal Foundation UK John was an entrepreneur and company founder, he has a degree in Pharmacology from the University of Sheffield. It had long been his dream to focus his creative energy and commercial acumen on something which served the public good. When John sold his business at the beginning of the pandemic, it became clear to him that he needed to step up and do what he could to help end the global emergency.

It was evident that to mitigate Covid in any meaningful way there was a need to mitigate airborne disease transmission. A chance conversation with an aerosol scientist led John to develop an interest in the potential of Air Purification as a public health intervention and he got involved with the Corsi-Rosenthal DIY air cleaner movement at grassroots level. The results of these conversations were tangible enough to grab the attention of Jim Rosenthal, who with the agreement of Dr Richard Corsi, asked John to found a charity in the UK, to mirror the one in the USA.

Leila Williams

Leila was a senior leader for many years in the NHS, leading and driving large transformation programmes to improve clinical safety, provide higher quality care and better outcomes for patients –  particularly mothers, babies and children – in the North West of England. She was a major driver in establishing the integration of health and care in Greater Manchester as a pioneer of city region devolution.

She now campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of clean indoor air, particularly for children whilst they are in school, which can improve learning and protect teachers and students from all types of pollutants, including airborne viruses,  which adversely affect health and wellbeing.

Leila runs the Clean Air for Schools project in her local area of Warrington, writes regularly as a citizen journalist and is Chair of Claire House Children’s Hospice.

“My interest in clean indoor air was sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, but my involvement in the movement has made me realise what an enormous gap in our defences indoor air is. It’s not only COVID-19 which contaminates the air we breathe – so too do other infectious diseases, pollution and allergens. All of these cause reduced quality of life, economic losses and serious, life limiting mental and physical illnesses.

There is also a good chance that in the future other pandemic diseases besides COVID-19 will emerge which are airborne.

I am convinced that cleaning the air we breathe will rank alongside water sanitation and vaccines as one of our greatest ever public health initiatives.”

John Muir, Founder
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